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Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment provides high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to enroll in college level courses through local public colleges while enrolled in a Carroll County public high school. Dually enrolled students may take college courses for which they have met the prerequisite requirements and for which they have received authorization by both a parent/guardian and a designated school official.

Eligibility for dual enrollment is as follows:

  1. Must be enrolled in at least the equivalent of one-credit CCPS course during the semester of the dual enrollment;
  2. Must have an overall, non-weighted GPA of at least 3.0;
  3. Must be of at least "junior" status on the start date of the semester of dual enrollment;
  4. Must enroll in at least one qualifying (non-remedial) college course;
  5. Must be enrolled in a total of four credits for the semester (college and minimum of 1 CCPS credit combined);
  6. Must have met minimum Service Learning hours requirement (75 hours)
  7. Must have a 94% attendance rate during the nine weeks (marking period) preceding the application for the dual enrollment program.

Prior to the student enrolling in the dual enrollment program, a parent conference will be held with the school counselor for post-secondary planning. The student/parent must complete the Dual Enrollment Application. 

Dual enrollment courses will be reflected on the student’s high school transcript and the final grade will be calculated into the high school GPA. College courses at the 100 level or above will receive .5 high school credit for 1-2 college course credits and 1.0 high school credit for 3-5 college course credits. Dual enrollment courses will be weighted as a transcripted/AP course and may count toward graduation requirements.

Students may take summer college courses to be added to the high school transcript, with prior approval from the principal. There is no financial discount for courses taken in the summer.