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 FSK School Counseling Staff
 for the 2022-2023 School Year 

Mrs. Krissy Welty
9th Grade Counselor
Class of 2026
Mrs. Lacey Headley
10th Grade Counselor
Class of 2025

Mrs. Angie Haines
11th Grade Counselor
Class of 2024

 Mr. Brian Chaapel
12th Grade Counselor
Class of 2023


 Mrs. Jenny Adcock
Career Connections Coordinator

Mrs. Alethea Miller
Facilitator of Student Support

Mrs. Lydia Fine


Francis Scott Key High School

School Counseling Office

3825 Bark Hill Road

Union Bridge, MD  21791

Phone:  410-386-4589

Fax:  410-751-3322

Office Hours:  7:30am - 3:00pm
Appointments can be held in person, by video conference
or phone conference (based on your level of comfort). 


November is National Career Development Month at FSK!  Check out this flyer for more information!

Do you need a transcript?  Please click on "Forms" (above) for more information.

Click here to view the Program of Studies for 2022-2023

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FSK CEEB Code:  211042

FSK's Homework Policy:
If students are absent for less than 2 days, we advise them to contact other students in their classes to collect their work OR if their  absence is anticipated (like a family vacation or scheduled doctor visit), to see their teachers before their absence.

Otherwise, we urge parents to follow these simple guidelines to obtain homework:
1 - Please call 410-751-3323 (attendance line) to request homework collection.  ONLY parents, administrators and counselors can make  requests for homework collection.  The Attendance Clerk will coordinate requests and collection of homework from teachers.  Parents  are responsible for pick-up of materials and getting books from lockers at a time to be arranged with the Attendance Clerk.

2 - 
Please call your request for homework in as early in the morning as possible.  Teachers are allowed 24 hours from the time of the  request to prepare homework materials for pick-up.

3 - Reasons for requests are limited to absence because of illness, family emergency or suspension.

NAVIANCE QUICK-LIST HOW-TO (for current students)

To request a Letter of Recommendation, a student must first ask the teacher in person for the letter:

  1. Log in to Naviance Student.

  2. Navigate to Colleges > Apply to College > Letters of Recommendation

  3. Click to Add Request.

  4. Select Teacher Name from the Drop-down menu.

  5. Choose if the letter is for one specific college or for All current and future colleges on the list.

  6. Write a personal note.

  7. Click Submit Request.

  8. Additional copies of your recommendations can be acquired in the Counseling Office if you need extras for scholarship applications. See your counselor for copies.

To sign up for a College Visit, a student must:

  1. Log in to Naviance Student.

  2. Navigate to Colleges > Research Colleges > College Visits or go to Colleges Home and find the College Visits card.

  3. Click RegisterNOW to sign up.

  4. All college visits are during Key Time.

To request an Official Transcript for COLLEGES, a student must:

  1. Log in to Naviance Student.

  2. Navigate to Colleges > Apply to College > Manage Transcripts

  3. If you add a college to your Colleges I’m Applying to List, you have the option to request transcripts at that time.

  4. If not, select College Application Transcript.

  5. Follow the steps to request college application transcript.

To request an Official Transcript ($2.00 each) for Personal use or Scholarship Application, a student must:

  1. Email Mrs. Fine at and include the following Transcript Request Form.

  2. Or drop the form off to Mrs. Fine in the Counseling Office.

  3. Official copies are $2.00 each (cash or checks payable to:  FSK)

To request an Unofficial Transcript (FREE) for SCHOLARSHIPS, ATHLETICS, OTHER, a student must:

  1. Log in to Naviance Student

  2. Navigate to Colleges > Apply to College > Manage Transcripts.

  3. Click the Add (Pink Plus).

  4. Select either Other Transcript.

  5. Follow the steps to request Other Transcript.

  6. Once requested, transcript requests are managed from Transcript Request Manager.

  7. All official transcripts are emailed to the student thru Naviance. Be sure that your email is up-to-date in your profile in your Naviance account. If you have any questions, please see your school counselor.

How to Match your Common App account to Naviance: