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 FSK School Counseling Staff
 for the 2021-2022 School Year 

Mrs. Lacey Headley
9th Grade Counselor
Class of 2025

Mrs. Angie Haines
10th Grade Counselor
Class of 2024

 Mr. Brian Chaapel
11th Grade Counselor
Class of 2023

Mrs. Krissy Welty
12th Grade Counselor
Class of 2022


 Mrs. Jenny Adcock
Career Connections Coordinator

Mrs. Alethea Miller
Facilitator of Student Support

Mrs. Lydia Fine


Francis Scott Key High School

School Counseling Office

3825 Bark Hill Road

Union Bridge, MD  21791

Phone:  410-386-4589

Fax:  410-751-3322

Office Hours:  7:15am - 2:45pm
Appointments can be held in person, by video conference
or phone conference (based on your level of comfort). 


Do you need a transcript?  Please click on "Forms" (above) for more information.

Click here to view the Program of Studies for 2022-2023

Click here for information on Enrolling a Student in CCPS!

Click here for Fall SAT Dates & Deadlines

Click here for information on the PSAT 

Click here for information on the ACT

FSK CEEB Code:  211042

FSK's Homework Policy:
If students are absent for less than 2 days, we advise them to contact other students in their classes to collect their work OR if their  absence is anticipated (like a family vacation or scheduled doctor visit), to see their teachers before their absence.

Otherwise, we urge parents to follow these simple guidelines to obtain homework:
1 - Please call 410-751-3323 (attendance line) to request homework collection.  ONLY parents, administrators and counselors can make  requests for homework collection.  The Attendance Clerk will coordinate requests and collection of homework from teachers.  Parents  are responsible for pick-up of materials and getting books from lockers at a time to be arranged with the Attendance Clerk.

2 - 
Please call your request for homework in as early in the morning as possible.  Teachers are allowed 24 hours from the time of the  request to prepare homework materials for pick-up.

3 - Reasons for requests are limited to absence because of illness, family emergency or suspension.

NAVIANCE QUICK-LIST HOW-TO (for current students)

To request a Letter of Recommendation, a student must first ask the teacher in person for the letter:

  1. Log in to Naviance Student.

  2. Navigate to Colleges > Apply to College > Letters of Recommendation

  3. Click to Add Request.

  4. Select Teacher Name from the Drop-down menu.

  5. Choose if the letter is for one specific college or for All current and future colleges on the list.

  6. Write a personal note.

  7. Click Submit Request.

  8. Additional copies of your recommendations can be acquired in the Counseling Office if you need extras for scholarship applications. See your counselor for copies.

To sign up for a College Visit, a student must:

  1. Log in to Naviance Student.

  2. Navigate to Colleges > Research Colleges > College Visits or go to Colleges Home and find the College Visits card.

  3. Click RegisterNOW to sign up.

  4. All college visits are during Key Time.

To request an Official Transcript for COLLEGES, a student must:

  1. Log in to Naviance Student.

  2. Navigate to Colleges > Apply to College > Manage Transcripts

  3. If you add a college to your Colleges I’m Applying to List, you have the option to request transcripts at that time.

  4. If not, select College Application Transcript.

  5. Follow the steps to request college application transcript.

To request an Official Transcript ($2.00 each) for Personal use or Scholarship Application, a student must:

  1. Email Mrs. Fine at and include the following Transcript Request Form.

  2. Or drop the form off to Mrs. Fine in the Counseling Office.

  3. Official copies are $2.00 each (cash or checks payable to:  FSK)

To request an Unofficial Transcript (FREE) for SCHOLARSHIPS, ATHLETICS, OTHER, a student must:

  1. Log in to Naviance Student

  2. Navigate to Colleges > Apply to College > Manage Transcripts.

  3. Click the Add (Pink Plus).

  4. Select either Other Transcript.

  5. Follow the steps to request Other Transcript.

  6. Once requested, transcript requests are managed from Transcript Request Manager.

  7. All official transcripts are emailed to the student thru Naviance. Be sure that your email is up-to-date in your profile in your Naviance account. If you have any questions, please see your school counselor.

How to Match your Common App account to Naviance:

**The below information can also be found on each counselors google classroom!**

Class of 2025 Information from
​Mrs. Headley - 9th Grade Counselor
Schedules for next year will be mailed home with report cards. 
Have a great last full day of freshman year!

Naviance is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness program that helps align student strengths with post-secondary goals. Some of you may have explored the program through Advisory and as you progress toward senior year Naviance will be something to familiarize yourself with, especially through the college application process. 
Below are a few videos you may find helpful as you start to look at what your options may be after graduation. 
Just getting started? You can complete a career interest inventory. Select "Self-Discovery" on the top banner to complete the "Career Interest Profiler" or the "Strengths Explorer" assessment to determine what your natural talents are and how those may lead to career opportunities. 
Wanting to explore potential colleges? Select "Colleges" on the top banner and complete the "SuperMatch College Search" where you can look for schools based on your criteria preferences. 
These are just a few of the capabilities of Naviance. Take a few minutes this summer to explore the site. The more you familiarize yourself now the easier it will be when the college application process takes off in the fall of your senior year.

It's hard to believe the end of your freshman year is coming to an end! To think back on this time a year ago you were likely celebrating the end of middle school and anxious about high school. A year later and your seasoned veterans! You located your classes, navigated a new building, formed new friendships and made memories to last a life time. In a few months FSK will welcome a new graduating class and I'm excited for you to step into your leadership roles as upperclassmen! 

School Counselors are busy behind the scenes working on your schedule for next year. On the last day of school you will receive a copy of your schedule but this may not be permanent. Counselors work on schedules throughout the summer so be sure to check your email or call the Counseling Office (410) 386-4589 to make an appointment. 

Be sure to continue to work hard and finish this year strong! 

FSK Program of Studies
100 points

Work Permit
Students can apply for work permits online.  Visit the link below and select "Apply for a Work Permit online"

Service Learning Hours can be submitted online now! Students are required to complete 75 total in order to graduate. Go to the CCPS Service Learning page and select "Forms" to print a copy or select "Digital Form" to complete online.



Class of 2024 Information from
Mrs. Haines - 10th Grade Counselor

Are you a natural leader who enjoys volunteering, or do you want to grow as a leader and have a positive impact on your community?  If so, consider the HOBY State Leadership Seminar in May/June 2022 at a Maryland college or university - see the attachments for more details.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please see Ms. Haines in the counseling office by December 10th to pick up an informational packet.  You will need to provide a list of service-learning activities and leadership positions and write a short essay.
/schools/high/fsk/SchoolCounseling/Documents/HOBY STATE LEADERSHIP SEMINARS MEMO.docx

PSAT Student Guide 2021
/schools/high/fsk/SchoolCounseling/Documents/PSAT Student Guide 2021.pdf

College Board Website PSAT Page
This is a practice test for the SAT. The SAT is required when applying to most 4-year colleges. Students typically take the SAT as juniors and seniors in high school. If you are considering applying to a 4-year college right after high school (and not starting at a community college), 
you should take the PSAT...especially if you are taking Honors and AP courses!  A link to the College Board website PSAT Page is attached.

The Carroll County Career & Technology Center Website

/schools/high/fsk/SchoolCounseling/Documents/FAQ 1 page mailing 2021.pdf

CCCTC Programs 2021-22
/schools/high/fsk/SchoolCounseling/Documents/2021 CTC Programs 2 Pages.pdf

NAVIANCE is an online college and career readiness program for students to use throughout high school and beyond.  This is a brand new tool for FSK students and staff.  I will be learning with you as we start utilizing this tool.  Below are the student login instructions for NAVIANCE:
/schools/high/fsk/SchoolCounseling/Documents/Naviance Student Login Steps.pdf



Class of 2023 Information from
Mr. Chaapel - 11th Grade Counselor

Fill out the FORM that is attached.  This is going to help with getting you more information about your
post high school career path.

There are still 3 testing dates (1 SAT and 2 ACT) that you can sign up for this academic year.  If you know your applying to a 4 year college and they require either of these test you should be taking it for the first time this year!!!

Do you know anyone looking for a job?  Are they looking for a summer, part-time, or full-time job?  Winters Mill Community Partnership will be hosting a Job Fair on May 4th from 3:30-7:00 p.m. at Winters Mill High School.  There will be over
80 businesses attending.  They will be interviewing and hiring on the spot.   This event is open to all students and adults who are interested in employment, so bring a friend or family member.  Food trucks and pizza will be available for purchase.   
Bring your resume and meet the employers.  Help us get the word out and see you there!

Are you missing assignments and struggling to get caught up? Do you have a paper to print?  Do you need help with organization?  Do you want to study for a quiz or test with someone?  After school tutoring is available in the Eagle Learning Lab every day from 2:30 – 3:30 except for the first Tuesday of each month and early dismissal days.  A teacher and peer tutor are there every day to help you with any class.  Math help is available Monday through Thursday.  You do not need to sign up… just come to the ELL no later than 2:40!  Virtual tutoring is every Wednesday evening from 5-7pm.  Join the Google Classroom with the join code sbeuvgj and then use the Meet Link in the banner.  You do not need to sign up.

SAT / ACT Dates
/schools/high/fsk/SchoolCounseling/Documents/21-22 SAT_ACT_DATES.pdf



Class of 2022 Information from
Mrs. Welty - 12th Grade Counselor

Attached is the scholarship application for the Union Bridge Lions Club---deadline to apply is June 1. Completed applications can be mailed to the address on the application or emailed to

A reminder that the Monocacy Valley and Taneytown McDonald's scholarship applications are due to me by tomorrow! I will be out of the office tomorrow but you can give those to any other counselor in the office or Mrs. Fine and they will put them on my desk.
In addition, tomorrow is the deadline for the Terra Rubra Lions Club scholarship--at this point, in order to meet their 5/13 deadline, please scan and email your application to me at and I will forward it to them. I will be checking email even though I am not here tomorrow.
If you have not completed your senior survey please take care of that as soon as possible--the link is in the post below!

A link for the senior survey is attached below; you MUST complete this survey by May 25th or it becomes an obligation. It should take you less than 10 minutes to do.
FOR THOSE WHO NEED A FINAL TRANSCRIPT SENT: You must also go into Naviance and request your final transcript so that I can send it to the college that you are planning to attend. If you need any help or assistance doing that I am happy to help you.

Upcoming deadlines for other May scholarships:
May 10
New Windsor Lions Club
FSK Alumni
May 13
Taneytown McDonald's
Monocacy Valley VFW
Carroll County Fair Housing Essay Contest
May 15
Valley Lions Club
All applications can be found under "Scholarship Applications May" in Classwork.

FSK Athletic Boosters Scholarship is due TOMORROW!  Completed applications are to be dropped off in the Counseling Office. I will be out tomorrow but you can leave them with anyone here in the office or put them in the mailbox right outside my door. The application can be found under "Scholarship Applications May" in Classwork.

As much as I have been harping on you to apply for scholarships, I am also not without fault in the scholarship department.
I forgot to post the updated Terra Rubra Lions Club scholarship for 2022. They called me this morning to let me know that they had not received any applications and when I went into Classwork to check, lo and behold it was not there--my apologies. I called them back and let them know that the fault was mine and they have agreed to extend the deadline to next Friday, May 13, 2022. The application itself is very short--it does require an essay but most of you likely already have one that you can use or modify slightly to make it fit what
they are asking. You may absolutely stop by to give me a hard time about it if you wish.

Last call for FSK Jr. Eagles Scholarships--Football and Cheer--due date is Sunday.

Awesome job on submitting applications for the Class of '61 Scholarship! 8 applications in so far and I will take them until the end of the day!

Last call for the Community Foundation!
This Sunday, May 1, is the deadline to submit applications to the Carroll County Community Foundation. 
Graduating High School Seniors -- 2022 Scholarship Season is now open! The Community Foundation of Carroll County supports more than 55 academic, sports, special circumstances, and 4-H scholarships. The common application is an easy way for students to APPLY ONCE and see all the scholarship opportunities they are eligible for (deadline May 1, 2022). 4-H Club Participants – Use the 4-H/FFA Scholarships common application for additional opportunities just for you (deadline July 1, 2022).

Seniors, you will never believe what has just happened. Moriah Tyler from the Carroll County Arts Council reached out to me this morning to let me know that she had been contacted by an FSK student who asked if they could still submit an application even though it was two weeks past the deadline. Moriah has graciously agreed to accept late applications for the Tevis Arts scholarship BUT she must receive the application and all supporting documentation via email ( by Saturday---as in 48 hours from now. Get to work.

I just received word from the Carroll Arts Council that NO ONE applied for the Tevis Arts scholarship this year. Their deadline has passed and they are not accepting any late applications. That is a a $1,000 scholarship that someone from here will not be receiving this year. Anyone planning to major in any of the following areas could have applied:
Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Music Education, Performance, Music Theory, Composition, Art, Art History, Arts Education, Creative Writing, Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Animation, Sound Design, Video Production, or Interactive Digital Design.  That information was readily available on the application that has been posted in Classwork since January 10. 
    LOOK at what is listed. READ the eligibility criteria. APPLY.

The following scholarships have April 30 due dates (located under "Scholarship Applications April" in Classwork):
Charles Carroll Rec Council
West Carroll Rec Council
Amaze Yourself Scholarship
Roaring Run Lions Club Scholarship
Point Breeze Credit Union Scholarship
Career Connections Scholarship
South Carroll Business Association Scholarship
The following scholarships have May 1 due dates (located under "Scholarship Applications May" in Classwork):
Gamber Smallwood Optimist Club
Carroll Community College Fair Scholarship
Hesson Snider Post 120 American Legion Scholarship
Sons of the American Legion Scholarship
FSK Class of 1961
FSK Class of 1963
FSK Jr. Eagles Jeff Yingling Memorial Scholarship
Taneytown Lions Club
Delegate April Rose Scholarship
Delegate Haven Shoemaker Scholarship
The Common Scholarship Application for all Carroll Community Foundation Scholarships (located under "Local Scholarship Databases in Classwork) is also due May 1.

Once again, another announcement about a scholarship seeking applicants. I have been notified by the Maryland Municipal League that they have received no (ZERO) applications for this year's scholarship. They have three $1,000 scholarships available and NO ONE has applied for them across the ENTIRE COUNTY. This scholarship has been posted since March 7, but I will post it here again for easy reference. APPLY.

Seniors, we want to know what you are doing with your future after you graduate! Please use the link below to send information about your future plans (college, tech school, military, or the workforce) so that we can share on the Class of 2022 Future Plans Instagram (@fsk22colleges) as well as a slideshow that we will run on a loop in the cafeteria on May 2!

SAT Test Dates and Deadlines

ACT Test Dates and Deadlines

Letter of Recommendation Requests in Naviance

Requesting transcripts through Naviance

The CSS Profile
The CSS is only required for certain colleges and universities.

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) FAFSA Applications can be submitted as of October 1, 2021!
All students planning to attend college full-time next year need to complete a FAFSA.

Matching your Common App account with your Naviance account

First-time application guide for the Common App

Ready to start applying to college? Wondering where to start? Your first step should be to see if your college/university accepts the Common Application. The Common App is accepted by over 900 colleges and universities and can help save you from filling out the some of the same information over and over again. Check out the information in the link below to get started! Please read through the info and watch the embedded videos before clicking on "Apply Now." Most of the questions that you will have can be answered by reviewing that info first!  Please also review the video on matching your Common App account with your Naviance account. Remember, all documents that must be sent to your schools will be uploaded through Naviance; that includes your transcript and letters of recommendation. While this is not a difficult thing to do, it can be a little tedious and confusing so please ask me for help when you get to this point if you are unsure.

NACAC Virtual College Fairs

Preparing for Senior Year


Attention Seniors:  Scholarship Information
Scholarship Listing in Naviance
The scholarship listing that was available at is now available in
Naviance; log in to your account, click on the "Colleges" tab in the upper right hand corner,
and then click on "Scholarships and Money."

College Board Scholarships
College Board Opportunity Scholarships

Local Scholarship Searches
Community Foundation of Carroll County

Community Foundation of Frederick County
Note:  The Trumpower Foundation scholarship is for Carroll County students.

Maryland Higher Education Commission

Nationwide Scholarship Searches

College Board Scholarship Search Tool

Student - Largest Collection of Scholarships on the Web

Fastweb Scholarship Search Tool Search Tool

Unigo Scholarship Search Tool

Scholarship America MD scholarship opportunities
Various deadlines throughout the 21-22 academic year

Horatio Alger Association Scholarship Awards
These are school-specific; if you are planning to apply to any of these colleges you may qualify

Steamfitters Local 602 JATC Application for Apprenticeship
Applications must be made in person at the locations listed in the attached link.

Scholarships with a deadline!
Carroll County Farm Bureau Scholarship--due date: July 1, 2022

Attention 4H and FFA members!
Please see the attached application for the Brenda Barber Memorial Scholarship;
deadline to apply is July 1, 2021.

/schools/high/fsk/SchoolCounseling/Documents/The Brenda L Barber Family Memorial Fund Scholarship Application 2021 Fillable (1).docx